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Major grant for research into manufacturing sustainability in collaboration with China

 The University of Hull has been successful in winning a grant worth a total of £1.165 million, jointly funded by UK EPSRC/TSB and China MOST, under the specific scheme of ‘Manufacturing Sustainability in Collaboration with China’.

This grant is to support a collaborative work on developing a few key technologies for enhancing energy efficiency of dew point air cooler and its manufacturing, involving the University of Hull, ebm-papst UK Ltd, Tsinghua University (China) and Sinogreen Environment Protection Ltd (China).

The University of Hull is the lead partner of the project receiving £381,235 from EPSRC, where Professor Xudong Zhao is the Coordinator of the whole project. At Hull, Dr Kevin Fancey is the Co-investigator.

Grants in October 2014 (over £10k)


Dr M Wang, £193,088, EPSRC, Novel low energy catalytic gas cleaning process to deliver high quality syngas from the gasification of waste biomass (View grant details)

Prof M Elliott, Dr A Franco, £56,000, Haskoning UK Ltd, Monitoring and Assessment of Beach Nourishment Efficacy, Lincshore 2014-15

Dr L R Sadofsky, £40,000, Bionorica SE, The effect of the natural agonists and antagonists of the airway irritant receptors in vitro

Dr D M Evans, £36,331, James Hutton Institute, The Impacts of Habitat Modification on Avian Food Web Structute and Resilience

Dr A Beavis, Dr R W Boyle, Dr M G Francesconi, £15,000, Castle Hill Hospital Trust Fund, Triggering the anti-cancer immune response by combined radio-photodynamic-therapy of liver tumours

Grants in August and September 2014


August 2014 grants (over £10k)

Dr A Adawi, Dr M Buzza, Dr T Horozov, £654,934, EPSRC, Self assembly of two dimensional colloidal alloys for metamaterials applications (View grant details)

Prof V Paunov, £80,000, Unilever Nederland BV, Smart materials based on capillary suspensions

Mr N G Riley£45,000, Quickline Communications Limited, Superfast Broadband Coverage Phase 1

Prof X Zhao£28,673, Shanxi Jingxu Renewable Energy Co Ltd, Developing a novel PV/T heating system for Chinese style rural buildings


September grants (over £10k)

Dr G Kyriakou, £80,153, EPSRC, Single atoms as highly selective active sites in heterogeneous catalysis (View grant details)

Mr M J Bailey, Mr N D Cutts, Prof M Elliott, Miss A Leighton, Miss S Thomson£26,115, Natural England, Survey and Assessment of Biotope Extent and Status in the Humber Estuary

Mr M J Bailey, Prof M Elliott, Miss A Leighton, Dr K Mazik, £12,678, Hakoning UK Ltd, Benthic Survey & Assessment in the Tyne Estuary to Provide Information for a Quay Development EIA

Dr W M Mayes, £14,475, Leverhulme Trust, Artists in Residence – Conohar Scott