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University of Hull and Diamond Light Source fund major PhD Scholarship

The School of Engineering have been awarded funding for a major PhD Scholarship, jointly funded by the University of Hull and Diamond Light Source, the UK National Synchrotron X-ray facility.

The project, which begins on 1 October, will study novel melt-processing methods for recycled aluminium alloys.

Aluminium alloys, after steels, are the second most widely-used and strategically important metallic materials in the world.  There are a huge amount of aluminium alloy based scrap materials from mixed sources such as aircraft, vehicles and demolished buildings contains a variety of alloying elements and contaminants.

The technological challenge is that most recycled aluminium alloys have neither the quality nor the properties needed for high performance structural applications.

The project will study the fundamentals of separation and neutralisation of multiple impurity elements in recycled aluminium materials, using novel melt processing techniques.

Principal Investigator Dr Jiawei Mi said, “This studentship is a new funding scheme to support the joint research initiatives between the UK universities and the national laboratory. The chosen candidate is required to work at least one year during this studentship in the Joint Engineering, Environmental and Processing beamline of Diamond Light Source”.

Image credit: Diamond Light Source, UK.