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Major grant for research into manufacturing sustainability in collaboration with China

 The University of Hull has been successful in winning a grant worth a total of £1.165 million, jointly funded by UK EPSRC/TSB and China MOST, under the specific scheme of ‘Manufacturing Sustainability in Collaboration with China’.

This grant is to support a collaborative work on developing a few key technologies for enhancing energy efficiency of dew point air cooler and its manufacturing, involving the University of Hull, ebm-papst UK Ltd, Tsinghua University (China) and Sinogreen Environment Protection Ltd (China).

The University of Hull is the lead partner of the project receiving £381,235 from EPSRC, where Professor Xudong Zhao is the Coordinator of the whole project. At Hull, Dr Kevin Fancey is the Co-investigator.

Engineering research team are finalists for Dragon-STAR Innovation Award

Solar panels

An engineering team led by the University of Hull has been selected as a finalist for a prestigious Chinese-European Innovation Award.

This unique award, the Dragon-STAR Innovation Award, is for distinguished scientific and technological collaboration between the EU and China.

The team, selected as one of three finalists, have been shortlisted for their development of a cost-effective and energy-efficient technology that has great global market potential in solar thermal and power systems.

The team’s development of a novel loop heat pipe (LHP) could also be widely used in heat exchangers, heat recovery systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, cooling of electronics and lighting, as well as in the aerospace industry.

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