Grants awarded in December 2015 (over £10k)

Dr R Gupta, £15,000, Royal Society of Chemistry, Smart dressings: A step change in wound management

Dr G Paterson, £10,000, Society for Applied Microbiology, Investigating the emergence and epidemiology of mecC MRSA in Great Britain

Dr J A Strong, Mr S Barnard, Mrs S J Boyes, Prof M Elliott, Dr A Franco, £47,750, United Kingdom Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Association, Development of seabed survey strategies for the UK continental shelf oil and gas industry

Prof S K Haywood, £34,598, Keresa Plantations Sdn Bhd, Process route analysis for Keresa Mill

Prof J Greenman, Dr V Green, Dr C Cawthorne, £193,197 (full grant value £496,000), Innovate UK, Development of a multipurpose non-animal technology for pre-clinical radiotherapy studies

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