University of Hull sleep expert reveals how to improve your slumber by switching off

Smartphone use at night

A sleep expert from the University of Hull has partnered with Vodafone Broadband to report upon a study of how digital devices are affecting the nation’s sleep.

The new research, commissioned by Vodafone Broadband, reveals we are a nation starved of sleep, with over 18 million Brits waking up every night to send emails or texts.

The study found that 30 per cent of commuters missed their stops on public transport, 35 per cent arrive at work with clothes inside out, and 28 per cent check emails or texts during the night.

Vodafone partnered with sleep expert Professor John Groeger, of the Department of Psychology, to evaluate the survey’s findings and offer expert opinion.

Professor Groeger said, “Most of us are overdrawn at the Bank of Sleep, and we simply can’t afford to spend precious sleep time on devices.”

“Device use just before bed, or when we wake in the night, can make restless sleep caused by stress at work even worse. Light from screens can delay sleep, and pre-sleep device use can increase worry, thus making it more difficult to fall asleep when we wish to.”

“Changing our pre-sleep routines, and what we do when we wake in the night, can hugely improve our sleep quality.”

Vodafone Broadband has introduced a new ‘app’ which allows users to remotely switch off internet access on selected devices connected to their home hub.

On October 26th and 27th John did 13 radio interviews* and also appeared on SKY’s Sunrise breakfast programme, discussing the findings and their implications.

*Sky News Radio, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Hereford & Worcester, Viking FM, KCFM, Central (Stirling), Sunrise Yorkshire (Bradford), New Style Radio (Birmingham), British Forces Broadcasting Service, Manx Radio, Downtown Radio (Belfast), Big City Radio (Birmingham), SFM Radio (Sittingbourne).

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