Grants awarded in September 2015 (over £10k)

Dr C Wu, Dr J M Mi, £19,761, EPSRC, Feasibility study of ultrasound-enhanced catalytic esterification of pyrolysis bio-oil

Mr W Musk, Mr O Dawes, Prof M Elliott, £10,600, Natural England, Morecambe Bay Invertebrate Analysis, Biotope Assignment and Condition Advice

Miss K L Hemingway, Mr N D Cutts, Prof M Elliott, £11,650, Able UK Ltd, Black-tailed Godwit Foraging Preferences and Prey Take, intertidal mudflats, North Killingholme

Dr S Lukaschuk, Dr S McLelland, £14,800, University of Leeds, Modeling wave dynamic on jet currents in a flume

Prof B P Binks, Prof P D Fletcher, £82,262, Lubrizol Limited, Crude Oil Pour Point Depressants – Screening And Design Of New Products 

Dr G Ferrier, £10,014, NERC, 3D sub-surface geospatial models

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