Tianjin explosion site: Chemist provides expert comment to BBC News on dangers of sodium cyanide

University of Hull sign

A University of Hull Chemist has provided expert comment to BBC News on the dangers of sodium cyanide found at an explosion site in northern China.

Dr Benjamin Burke, a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Department of Chemistry, provided comments to the BBC in the wake of two massive explosions in the port of Tianjin.

A store of 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide has been discovered at the site, more than 70 times the legal limit.

Dr Burke originally published a piece about the potential damaging effects of the cyanide for the independent news and commentary website The Conversation.

The article has subsequently been republished by Scientific American and IFL Science.

Dr Burke said: “Cyanide has a deadly reputation and the name itself causes fear in the public.”

“It is important that we make the facts and situation clear to the public about the real dangers of such incidents and how to mitigate their consequence.”

You can read the BBC News article here.

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