False memories expert featured in BBC Radio 4 programme

Photograph montage

Professor Giuliana Mazzoni‘s work on false autobiographical memories will be among research featured in a new programme produced for BBC Radio 4.

The programme, entitled ‘Past Imperfect’, is focused on the growing understanding of how false personal memories are generated, both naturally and artificially, and their possible consequences on behaviour and decisions people make.

Professor Mazzoni’s research featured in the programme refers to the consequences of false memories on decisions about food intake.

In the programme, one of Professor Mazzoni’s studies is replicated on a small number of participants.

The original study, which was done in collaboration with Dr Alan Scoboria at the University of Windsor, CA, showed that participants who during the procedure develop false childhood memories about becoming ill after eating spoiled food, after a few weeks not only rate that food less appealing than before the procedure had taken place, but also eat that food less compared to a control food.

The programme will also discuss the general applicability of these results and the ethical implications of this type of studies.

Past Imperfect’ will be aired on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 22nd July 2015, 9pm.

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