University to FEED the world

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A team of experts at the University of Hull are aiming to FEED the world with the creation of a new research centre into food sustainability.

The @FEED Centre (with @FEED standing for Agriculture, Technology, Food, Environment, Energy and Democracy) will explore the global challenge of feeding a growing population while protecting the Earth’s resources. Comprising a distinctive group of experts from a number of different disciplines across the University including science, technology, geography, economics and law, the centre is uniquely placed to deliver comprehensive solutions to the growing problem of food sustainability.

The team’s work will help to protect the environment and promote biodiversity and conservation through insightful research and conference activity and by collaborating with a growing number of national and international academic, industrial and governmental partners. The researchers will help develop, deploy and test how new technologies are used in practice to achieve better farming practices and food systems. Greener methods for food production will be explored alongside alternative solutions to standard agricultural measures such as the use of pesticides.

One of the lead academics at the centre, Dr Ludivine Petetin, a Lecturer in Law at the University of Hull’s Law School said, “Creating a more sustainable food future continues to be a huge challenge on a global scale. Resources are dwindling, the population continues to grow and this combined with climate change creates a truly complex issue requiring a multi-dimensional approach.

“With a team of academics possessing expertise cutting across a broad range of relevant subject areas, our @FEED centre is able to research and develop solutions that are comprehensive enough to help create more efficient agricultural practices. Including societal demands as part of our research activity means solutions we provide aim to be comprehensive and get the public on board.”

@FEED was founded by Dr Darren Evans (Biology), Dr Lewis Holloway (Geography) and Dr Ludivine Petetin (Law), with financial support from the Higher Education Innovation Fund. Building on the University of Hull’s research expertise in agriculture, food, forestry and biofuel production as part of its Energy and Environment research theme.

This piece was originally published on the University of Hull’s website.

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