Chemical Engineering Professor Receives SAGE Best Paper Prize

Congratulations to Professor Meihong Wang, Professor of Process and Energy Systems Engineering & Carbon Capture and Storage in the School of Engineering, along with his ex-students and co-authors Tihomir Lazic and Dr Eni Oko, for receiving the SAGE Best Paper Prize 2014.

The paper, titled ‘Case study on CO2 transport pipeline network design for Humber region in the UK’, received the honour from the Editorial Board of Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineering, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering.

Written in collaboration with researchers from Cranfield University, the paper investigates different techno-economic options for the futuristic Humberside CO2 transport pipeline. Humberside has the largest share of CO2 emission in the UK (see figure). With ever-tightening regulations on CO2 emission, it is envisaged that the major CO2 emitters in the region will in the future be operated with CO2 capture systems with a common pipeline for transporting the captured CO2 to offshore sites, where they will be stored permanently underground.

Map of CO2 cluster areas in the UK

Map of CO2 cluster areas in the UK

The prize includes an official certificate and a cheque for £250.

Read the paper here.

SAGE is the publisher of the Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering.

For more information about Professor Wang’s research, or to inquire about studentship opportunities, please visit his profile page or email

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