Major grant for the modelling of climate change impacts

Prof Dan Parsons at the Deep, Hull.

The University of Hull is one of 24 partners awarded a major European Union research grant of almost €10million to improve the prediction of how rivers, estuaries and coasts will respond to environmental change using experimental models.

The network of partners will work together on the HYDRALAB+ project, which addresses the urgent need to understand the consequences of climate change on rivers, estuaries and coasts using experimental models.

HYDRALAB+ project

Researchers Dr Stuart McLelland and Professor Dan Parsons at the University of Hull are leading one of three major areas of the HYDRALAB+ project, developing innovative techniques and protocols to improve how climate change is represented in experimental models of rivers, estuaries and coasts.

The improved models will provide powerful tools to contribute to decision-making and mitigating risks resulting from climate change impacts, such as storms or floods.

This work is also critical to improve hydraulic research facilities across Europe so they are prepared to address climate change issues.

The researchers are also contributing to another area of the project, exploring how research facilities can incorporate vegetation in their modelling. This is essential to understand the complex changes to the hydrologic cycle between water/sediment fluxes and vegetation.

The work will primarily be based at the University of Hull’s Total Environment Simulator housed at The Deep aquarium.

Open access – Total Environment Simulator

Part of the funding enables the University of Hull to provide access to the Total Environment Simulator, enabling groups of researchers from across Europe to undertake climate change research projects in these experimental facilities.

This is a unique opportunity to develop novel research projects using this unique physical modelling infrastructure as well as providing training for new researchers from other European countries.

Flume with flagsAbove: The Total Environment Simulator at The Deep aquarium in Hull

Hosting the first HYDRALAB+ event

The University of Hull is one of 24 partners in the HYDRALAB network, an established community of hydraulic engineering expertise and research facilities across Europe. The network deals with the experimental modelling of complex interactions of water with biota, sediment, structures and ice.

Networking is a key component of HYDRALAB+. The University of Hull will be hosting the first HYDRALAB event in early 2016 which will bring together facility managers from outside the network.

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