Professor’s new critical urban geography textbook praised as a ‘tour-de-force’

New York landscape

Andy Jonas, Professor of Human Geography, has published a new textbook on critical urban geography to great acclaim.

Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction, co-authored with Eugene McCann and Mary Thomas, has received praise from as far afield as Australia, praising it as an ‘excellent textbook for urban geography courses’ and an educational ‘tour-de-force’.

Urban Geography book coverBuilding upon examples from his lectures taught in GEES modules, including North American cities, Andy’s new textbook brings to light many of the key ideas, concepts, and themes most widely utilized in critical geographical approaches to contemporary urban spaces. 

Urban Geography presents a comprehensive introduction to a wide range of critical themes and conceptual ideas relating to contemporary urban geography including patterns and processes of urbanization, urban development, urban planning, and life experiences in modern cities.

Urban Geography not only offers valuable insights into critical approaches to urban geography but also brings to life the diverse set of policies, practices, and challenges of contemporary urban living and its rapid movements and changes.

The book is published by Wiley Blackwell. For further information about this new textbook, visit Wiley Blackwell’s website.


What the reviewers say about Urban Geography


“An excellent textbook for urban geography courses: accessible, comprehensive and stimulating. For the student who wants to know how and why cities continue to matter, Andrew Jonas, Eugene McCann and Mary Thomas have produced a pedagogic tour-de-force.”

Kevin Ward, University of Manchester


“An excellent and comprehensive introduction to cities’ uneven geographies and the diverse processes and experiences that co-produce them.  Each of its empirically rich and theoretically rigorous chapters will engage, excite and extend students, while giving them a solid grounding.”

Pauline McGuirk, Director, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Newcastle, Australia


(Top picture: New York City Skyline, Vinoth ChandarCC BY 2.0)

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