Grants awarded in February 2015 (over £10k)

Prof M Wang, Dr C Wu, EPSRC, Novel low energy catalytic gas cleaning process to deliver high quality syngas from the gasification of waste biomass – additional funds

Dr B Haenfling, Dr L Lawson Handley, Environment Agency, Development of an eDNA-based approach for fish sampling in lakes for WFD

Dr L Cawkwell, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Research

Dr J Affolderbach, University of Luxembourg, Green building in regional strategies for sustainability: multi-actor governance and innovative building technologies in Europe, Australia, and Canada

Dr H Holle, Dr F C Cowdell, British Skin Foundation, A multisensory approach to itch

Prof G H Mehl, EPSRC, High speed multi-level phase device for active spatial control

Dr H V Snelling, Dr C D Walton, European Union, H2020 SC-Climate – INFINITY

Prof X Zhao, Dr K S Fancey, EPSRC, Key Technologies for Enhancing Energy Efficiency of the Dew Point Air Cooler and its Manufacturing

Prof X Zhao, Royal Society, Multiple Factors Engaged Heat Transfer in the Refuge Chambers

Prof X Zhao, International Research Staff Exchange, R-D-SBES-R-R&D in Sustainable Building Energy Systems & Retrofitting

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