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New research into cancer-fighting sea cucumbers aims to kick-start aqua farming industry

Sea cucumber

Researchers have carried out studies to help boost industry in rearing sea cucumbers, a creature known to have cancer-beating benefits.

The sea cucumber – not a vegetable as the name suggests – is a worm-like creature that lives on the ocean’s floor.

They are a delicacy in Asian cooking, and have been used in traditional medicine and are increasingly being studied by the pharmaceutical industry.

However industry in rearing sea cucumbers has not taken off, due to the lack of knowledge about some of the species’ biology, ecology and reproduction. Read more

When your body becomes your password, the end of the login is nigh

Identity protection

Soon you will be the key. face scan by Franck Boston/


By Rob Miles, University of Hull

Passwords are a pain. I’ve just had to rummage around for the password required in order to post this article. I seem to have 100 or more different identities on different websites to manage. Whenever I book a flight or buy a concert ticket this often means setting up yet another persona and coming up with a password to authenticate it.

It’s got so bad I’ve resorted to a password manager program to suggest secure, truly random passwords and then keep track of them for me. Of course if I forget the password to that program, or worse still if someone else guesses that password, I’ll be in all sorts of trouble. Read more

Solar eclipses offer opportunity for science, as well as for awe and wonder

A lucky gap in the clouds - Kevin Pimbblet

Kevin Pimbblet, University of Hull

A solar eclipse is a rare event to witness first hand. A wag might add that once you’ve factored in the British weather they’re rarer still, however observers in some areas of the UK managed to peer through the clouds and experience a partial solar eclipse from Exeter and Truro in the South-West to Nottingham in the Midlands, and Hull and Newcastle and the North-East. Read more

GRANTfinder training dates for April

University of Hull sign

More training dates for GRANTFinder have been added for April. The training is open to all academic staff and those wishing to find out/or keep abreast of funding for research and knowledge exchange projects. 

The GRANTfinder research funding search database allows customised searches of a host of funding opportunities (blue skies, applied, knowledge exchange/KTP and enterprise).

The dates for April are:

  • Tuesday 14th April – PM
  • Monday 20th April – AM
  • Wednesday 22nd April – AM
  • Wednesday 29th April – PM

Full details can be found on the Staff Development website. Please follow the instructions on the website to register for a course or register your interest if the dates are not convenient.

Students demonstrate engineering success to IMechE President

The strong ties between education and industry were highlighted during a recent trip to the University of Hull by Group Captain Mark Hunt OBE, the President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

He visited the University’s Hull Campus as part of a wider visit to the region, which also saw him spend time at Vivergo Fuels and Humberside Engineering Training Association (HETA).

University staff and students met with the President, demonstrating some of the cutting edge engineering projects taking place on campus. Read more

Geography celebrate department’s inspirational women

Women in GEES

To celebrate International Women’s Day, this week the Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences celebrated notable women who have worked in or contributed to the department since its foundation.

The department celebrated these women, and current women, with a lunch event, presenting the stories of 5 inspirational women who have worked in or with the department. Read more

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