Graduates create affordable virtual reality experience


Graduates from Hull have designed a low-cost headset to open up the virtual reality (VR) experience to a much wider audience.

The VISR headset, a Kickstarter project launched by graduates who studied at the University of Hull, has been created using inexpensive laminated corrugated material with high durability and is powered by your smartphone.

It comes fully assembled and ready for you to load up your virtual reality games, movies or apps and immerse yourself in that virtual reality world.

The VISR team is headed by Louis Deane, a Hull University Computer Science graduate who runs Gateway Interactive, a company established with the aim of building up the game development industry in Hull. Other Hull graduates are contributing software to the platform via their companies such as Smashed Crab Studios and Beard Bandit Games.

All of the students first met up while taking part in Game Hackathons, events organised within the University which bring together students to collaborate on the development of new games and software.

The team behind the project say their main aim was to create the most affordable immersive VR experience without compromising on quality.

Backers interested in supporting the project and securing one of the first headsets through pledges starting from £15 can find details on the team’s Kickstarter page.

Rob Miles, lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Hull said: “It’s fantastic to see our graduates going on to do such great things. During their time with us we work hard to encourage our students to use their skills to make great products and it is lovely to see people like Louis and the team doing just that.”

The project will need to secure £25,000 in pledges by February to meet the base funding goal so that production of the headsets on a large scale can move forward.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects where people can help the creators bring their projects to life through pledges, rather than using conventional investment opportunities. If a funding goal deadline is not met, no funds are collected from the backers.


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