Invasive insects and trees conference


Invasive insects and trees: detection, management and policy

A two-day conference incorporating the Expert Meeting on Oak Processionary Moth

19th & 20th February 2015, University of Hull

Our forests, woodlands and trees, along with many other important plants, are facing an increasing range of damaging pests and diseases as a result of international trade and the effects of a warmer, wetter climate. In order to effectively respond to these challenges, it is now generally accepted that new, integrated approaches to detect and mitigate plant pests and diseases are urgently needed.

The aims of this two-day conference are to i) identify the existing and emerging insect pests of forests, woodlands and urban trees; ii) evaluate early detection methods; iii) examine the resilience of communities and individual trees to invasive insects; iv) explore emerging technologies that could be developed for understanding and managing invasive insect species and v) consider policy implications in a warmer, wetter climate.

Please note places are limited, earlier registration for the conference is advised.

For more information and to register, please visit the University of Hull website.

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