Psychology graduate awarded experimental psychology prize

Zoe Lewis

A Psychology graduate has won the 2015 Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) / British Science Association (BSA) Undergraduate Project Prize.

Zoe Lewis graduated with a BSc Psychology degree from the University of Hull in 2014. Her final year project was entitled ‘Illusory Ownership over an Artificial Arm Decreases Itch Perception in the Real Arm’.

Zoe found that the illusion of ownership of a rubber arm decreases itch in one’s real arm.

The work was supervised by Dr Henning Holle from the Department of Psychology.

Zoe Lewis

Zoe with her award

The EPS, in collaboration with the BSA, awards this annual prize to the best final year undergraduate project in experimental psychology submitted from a UK psychology honours degree programme.

The prize includes:

– Full registration, accommodation and travel expenses to attend the British Science Festival, where she will present the findings of her project

– A £250 cheque, sponsored by Psychology Press

– Zoe has also been invited to present her project at one of the next meetings of the Experimental Psychology Society

Congratulations, Zoe, on this outstanding achievement.


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