Engineers collaborate with property firm for a greener city

NPS and University of Hull

The University of Hull has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with property design and management group NPS, to contribute to a more sustainable and environmental friendly city of Hull.

The University and NPS have joined forces in several areas, including collaboration on technology development and its applications in building, joint teaching and research, and looking towards a greener Hull in the City of Culture 2017.

With global energy demand rising and the dependence on renewable sources of energy not feasible, engineers at the University of Hull carry out innovative research and development in building ‘energy systems’ and renewable energy technologies.

The development of environmentally friendly energy systems requires professionals with a new mix of technological skills, encompassing traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy.

This research group, led by Professor Xudong Zhao in the School of Engineering, will provide professional support to NPS to facilitate the use of sustainable technologies in buildings, and help NPS clients to reduce their fossil fuel use and carbon emission in their properties.

In return, NPS would provide energy management services to the University to help reduce energy use within its campus.

A greener future

NPS is a leading provider of property services in both the private and public sectors, and responsible for management of Hull City Council’s buildings and energy systems.

Both sides will work jointly on flagship building projects and on making research bids.

The University and NPS have both expressed an interest in developing a programme of study, such as an MSc in Energy for the Built Environment.

They will both also jointly contribute to the City of Culture 2017, to enable a more sustainable and environmental friendly Hull city.

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