Research Incentive Scheme


The Faculty of Science and Engineering has been chosen to pilot a new incentive scheme designed to reward successful research grant applications.

Grant holders will be rewarded with a ‘top slice’ of the overheads on a new grant proposal equivalent to 10% of the indirect support costs. The reward will be capped at £10k for any one project.

Grant holders are required to share the reward evenly with their larger research groups with whom they work unless the value is below £500, in which case it can be retained 100% by the PI. The RIS allocation can be spent on any research related activity.

The scheme will be applied retrospectively this year for the first time based on new awards announced during 2013/14.

The reward is available to spend pro rata to the rate at which the grant income is itself spent. Therefore a typical grant project lasting 3 years and contributing £100,000 to the University’s indirect support costs would yield a top slice incentive of £10,000 to be shared 50:50 between the PI and their larger research group.

Those benefiting from the scheme this year will be contacted by FFO on the next two weeks with new active account codes to charge expenditure.

For further information on the scheme contact Dan Parsons ( or Rob Long (

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