Cape Town conference brings together research on young people and mobile phone use in sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile phone

Dr Elsbeth Robson is attending a workshop in Cape Town (25-29 November 2014), hosted by the Children’s Institute of the University of Cape Town.

This workshop brings together researchers from UK, Malawi, Ghana and South Africa who have been engaged on an ESRC-DFID project on young people and mobile phone use in sub-Saharan Africa since 2012. The workshop is reflecting on early findings and plans for impact.

Mobile phone technology has expanded exponentially across Africa in the last couple of decades. New cellular communication methods are being used in potentially transformative ways.

The youth and mobile phone project is an ESRC-DFID (RES-167-25-0028) funded project 2012-2015 designed to collect evidence through mixed methods to impact policy in sub-Saharan Africa to enhance the positive impacts of mobile phone use on the lives and livelihoods of children and young people.

It is a collaborative project involving academics at Durham University, University of Hull, University of Malawi, University of Cape Town and University of Cape Coast Ghana.

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