Renowned science broadcaster gives George de Boer Lecture

Professor Iain Stewart

Renowned geologist and science broadcaster, Professor Iain Stewart, MBE (pictured above), presented a public lecture on 29 October to celebrate the return of Geology as an undergraduate degree programme at the University of Hull.

Professor Iain Stewart is President of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and currently holds the post of Professor of Geosciences Communication at Plymouth University. His research interests centre on tectonics (the processes that affect the structure of the Earth’s crust), Earth hazards and natural disasters; particularly in identifying major earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in the geological past.

Prof Stewart is an excellent science communicator, having appeared in a number of presenting roles for the Discovery Channel and the BBC, including Horizon and the BAFTA nominated Earth: The Power of the Planet. He presented the 2014 ‘George de Boer Biennial Public Lecture’, hosted by the University of Hull’s Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences (GEES).

Watch the public lecture

The event was streamed live, the lecture can be viewed online on YouTube.

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